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iPhone 6 Specifications, Release Date and Rumours

Since Apple did the 3G, they have followed up each model with an S model before releasing the next generation phone. With the iPhone 5s now in the market, expect to see the iPhone 6 following soon. Apple have not given out the release date and early speculation had been that the 6 would come hot on the heels of the 5s. We should expect a summer release with June 2014 being touted as the likely release date.

iPhone 6 Rumoured Video

Some of the specifications we’re expecting the iPhone 6 to have a bigger display with reports suggesting Apple are testing a 4.9” screen. It also likely that Apple might do two different sizes offering an even bigger 6 inch display. We’re also expecting a 1080p resolution display. The processors will likely be a quad-core A8 or an upgraded version of the A7. We know that Apple bought camera sensors from Sony and so we’ll likely see this implemented. We also know that Apple filed a patent for triggering design that allows the phone to trigger other flash devices in the same manner studio flashes work. There is a patent filed by Apple that suggests the iPhone will be able to adjust its volume as they move away from your ear. We’re expecting more incorporation of the sapphire crystals technology with a Touch ID biometric scanner and more scratch-proof material. It’s expected to run on iOS7 but Apple might decide to delay the release to push iOS8 when it comes out. We know that iPad comes up to memory limit of 128GB and wouldn’t be a surprise if the iPhone 6 comes with the similar or higher options.

The iPhone 6 will likely see Apple play catch-up to a lot of Android’s and specifically Samsung’s features. We should see NFC being introduced finally allowing the iPhone to connect to other devices. iPhone are expected to incorporate the hugely popular eye tracking technology. Perhaps the biggest rumour going round the tech circles is that the iPhone 6 will have 3D, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

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iPhone 6 Specifications, Release Date and Rumours